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Total Swimming Environment

Thirty-five years ago, Imperial coined the term “Total Swimming Environment” in response to its pioneering design reputation. We believe your pool is more than simply a basin to swim laps or cool off in. The pool should be treated as a focal point within a larger landscaped “room”.


Views into and out of the pool area are important elements to consider. "Borrowed" off-site views should be accentuated and unsightly neighboring land uses should be screened. The pool can be treated as a remote oasis retreat and screened entirely from the house or it can be open and tied visually to the house if young children should be monitored.


Just as you screen unsightly views from the pool with fencing or landscaping, so too is it desirable to screen the pool area from adjacent neighbors if privacy is desired. Earthen berms constructed of soil excavated during pool construction can help create privacy screens.


One should consider one's neighbors when siting a pool. The sound of children playing in the water can travel a surprising distance. Vegetative plant buffers and earthen berms can muffle sound quite effectively. One should also consider buffering noises from objectionable off site noise such as traffic or machinery. A waterfall or hidden spring can help to muffle off site noises through the pleasing sound of moving water.